Monday, January 9, 2012

update: 9 february 2012

A few weeks ago, my sleep started deteriorating. I started waking up during the night again, three, four, five times a night or more, sleeping lightly and non-restfully. At first I thought it was momentary anxiety or some other issue, but it continued for days and then weeks. It wasn't long before my pain began to increase. That's no surprise, as fibromyalgia pain is closely linked to non-restful sleep.

I guess 40 milligrams of nortriptylene are no longer doing the job. I've taken this dosage since the late 1990s, so this was a surprise.

I talked to my doctor and suggested that I start increasing the dosage and see how I feel in the morning. She agreed that was a good start. She also mentioned that if increasing the nortriptylene doesn't cut it, I could try trazadone. Meanwhile, I have the nortrip in 10 milligram capsules, so I'll try adding another 10 to start.