Wednesday, January 16, 2013

udpate: 16 january 2013

I decided to try acupuncture again. Because we have a little insurance coverage per calendar year, I purposely began in December 2012, used the full limit for that year, then continued in January 2013 with the coverage for the new year.

For many sessions, I felt no change. The doctor said that was because I've experienced the symptoms for such a long time. But after four or five sessions, there was a definite change. First I felt much cooler for the first time in many years. That was the first noticeable difference. Then I noticed a definite increase in energy, physically and mentally. Then finally, there was a decrease in pain.

I told the doctor that my insurance coverage would soon end. To my amazement, he said that was fine, because I wouldn't need treatment anymore! Unlike in Western medicine, he said, where you take medication forever or the symtpoms returns, TCM treats the underlying imbalance, the root of the problem. It's difficult for me to grasp, but for now, I feel good and I'm going with it.